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Seeing or hearing the words “teeth whiteners” causes many patients to envision cases of damaged gum tissue and lost tooth enamel. There is a lot of suspicion surrounding do-it-yourself teeth whitening treatment especially. While some home whitening products can be unsafe, our team offers insight on dentist-approved products to whiten your smile yourself.

If you are interested in choosing a DIY teeth whitener, make sure the product you choose has earned the Seal of Acceptance from the ADA to ensure it’s safe to be used. However, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean the product is the most ideal for your smile. Every mouth is unique, and some patients are sensitive to teeth whitening products, experiencing tooth sensitivity as a common side effect. Tooth sensitivity should be relieved by ceasing the treatment for a few days, but if you develop significant discomfort after trying a treatment, we encourage you to come see our dentist.

Drs. Gauri Mankame, Disha Mankame and Dipak Mankame are happy to discuss your teeth bleaching options tailored to your cosmetic needs. We can provide a professional take-home teeth whitening product consisting of a custom dental tray and whitening gel that you wear during sleep for results in as little as two to three weeks. If you prefer not to receive DIY teeth whiteners, you can speak with our dentist about receiving in-office teeth bleaching to brighten your smile.

If you are considering trying teeth bleaching in Plantation, Florida, contact Plantation Smile Care at 954-791-1630 today for an appointment to discuss your whitening needs.